Paper-Portfolio : +48% YTD. 2 Positions Closed, 3 Started. New Setups

Comments and updated performance

Closed $HOOD and $CNQ
Started $FROG, $BLBD, $ADMA

Year-To-Date performance : 48.31%
Q2 performance : 41.11%

Note : The P-Portfolio, is a paper portfolio, for educational purpose only. I may/may not take the listed trades.

To read all the entry levels, targets, stops and summay of my closed positions as well as updated watchlists with my levels, you just have to join my Telegram/Discord premium chat at Just $7/month, cancel anytime.

Setups on watch for the PPortfolio


$MMM (long term, weekly chart)


$LOW, new box at the test ema 21/50


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