+95% for the #PPortfolio. Closed 7 positions, 2 new in JPM and HUM

Comments and updated performance

#PPortfolio, update of Friday

$CI (short), Closed. (+2.56%)
$FDX, Closed. (+2.56%)
$RRX, closed the second stake. +3.93% so far
$TRV Closed at b/e. +0.31%
$HAL Closed. -0.56%
$COST. Closed +5.31%.
$ARM Closed. +1.31%
New position in $JPM and $HUM

To read all the entry levels, targets, stops and summay of my closed positions as well as updated watchlists with my levels, you just have to join my Telegram/Discord premium chat at https://tizycharts.com. Just $7/month, cancel anytime.
Note : The P-Portfolio, is a paper portfolio, for educational purpose only. I may/may not take the listed trades.

Year-To-Date performance : 95.62%
Q2 performance : 88.43%

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