What’s your trading style ?

I trade based on Levels, breakouts, price action, EMA 21 and EMA 50. My setup works on every time frame. from the scalping to the long term investing.


Which are the channels

You will have access to my Discord private channel starting from here –> https://t.co/7r1xWRDD4X
You will have access to my Telegram private channel starting from here –> https://t.co/ELgtLRHFSe
You will have access to my Twitter private channel here –> https://twitter.com/TizyChartsPvT


How many levels will you share ?

I usually try to have at least 3/4 active alerts every day


What should I expect from the service ?

The subscription IS created for those looking for:

-Market research on specific technical levels on the charts (gaps, trend zones, horizontal levels).
-Market research to provide another perspective that may have not been considered yet.
-Market research for trade ideas & my own setups who don’t have time to find on their own.
-An explanation of my setup with examples and live levels
-A new way to see your own charts, adding my setup and my view to yours.
-Generic technical analysis rules.
-My personal view on the chart you ask for.
– Scalping intraday options/common shares with my setup
– Looking for personal chart requests with my levels and (if any) my setup to be found on other timeframes.


The subscription ISN’T created for those :

-Looking to blindly follow trades I take or to have a full guidance on a position.
-Looking for specific options contracts to trade.
-Looking for advice on trades they take with questions such as: “When should I get in a trade?” “When should I get out of a trade?” “What should be my position size?” “What should my stop loss be?”
The above would be considered financial advice, something that is illegal for anyone who is not a licensed advisor.

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